Purse of the Month Club

For several years Diana Wieler and her sister, Janet Ellis, have been creating monthly doll-sized handbags and coordinating outfits. I have posted about it before http://terrigoldphoto.blogspot.com/search?q=Purse+of+the+Month+Club and in many of my photos one of their bags shows up on the arm of a doll.
Their business name is La Boutique and this month's offering has a nautical theme for it's miniature Chanel bags. These are just adorable!
These are suitable for 1/6 scale dolls (12") but you can ask if it's possible to have it made in 1/4 scale for 16" dolls. 

Chanel Nautical Charm Bag
Live a charmed life! Each quilted leather bag features 5 custom-made charms, a thread-through leather and chain handle, and CC logo over the closure. $40.00 + shipping

You can expect an extremely well-constructed product that both you and your girls will adore.

They are also offering a coordinated tote set and a lovely sheath, below.

Tote Set
Bold stripes and a modified CC logo are topped with a chain and anchor dangle. Includes a long red logo scarf. $30.00

Navy and White Dress
Fresh and fashionable for spring! This classic knit dress is shaped, and includes a detached belt. $55.00

In addition to the basic offerings above, every month, they create an "Elite Ensemble."

Elite Ensemble
Dramatic high fashion, this month's Elite gives nautical a new look! Includes jacket, fringed skirt, red bodysuit, over-sized sailor hat, necklace, earrings, Special Edition Tote, shoes and your choice of Chanel Nautical Charm bag. 160.00 + shipping

Check out this month's products and then gaze upon the mouth-watering products of the past. You will not be disappointed!


To order and for more information contact dianawieler@hotmail.com.


First W Club Exclusive Doll of 2016 is a Poppy "Ooh La La" Giftset

Ooh La La!
Poppy Parker™ Gift Set
The Bonbon Collection
2016 W Club Exclusive

Limited Edition Size: TBA
Estimated Ship Date: Mid to Late Summer 2016
Special W Club Price: $150.00 + Shipping, Handling and Applicable Sales Tax*. 

Poppy Parker explores the City of Lights with glee, her ears filled with romantic songs! Composed of all of the elements for Poppy to easily go from day-to-night and back, the Ooh La La! gift set is designed to give Poppy Parker fans tons of redress possibilities by creating their own mix-and-match combos! This exquisite Poppy Parker doll also marks the debut of a brand new eye screening!
Poppy Parker is a 12-inch fully articulated vinyl fashion doll with a scrumptious fully rooted hairstyle and delicately hand-applied eyelashes! This absolutely fabulous gift set includes Poppy's Parisian mix-and-match separates, colorful bracelets and silver hoop earrings, her delightfully printed tote, two pairs of interchangeable hands, a pair of authentic cork wedgies, bright red slingback shoes and a doll stand, all packaged in a gorgeous window box gift set! A numbered certificate of authenticity is also included. For adult collectors ages 15 and up.

All descriptions and text are those of Integrity Toys. 


New Dresses from Antonio Realli and Kingdom Doll Brunel

I have two new gowns from Antonio. Both are classic designs using wonderful fabrics and the addition of a bit of bling. I love dressing my dolls this way.

First is "Flawless" Elise in a flowing chiffon confection with metallic silver abstract shapes 'painted' on.  The belt is adorned with rhinestones. Jewelry Integrity Toys "True Royalty."

This model is Monogram "Dreamscape."
This gown has a lacy overlay that is embellished with sequins.  More sparkle is provided by the belt which is a mix of tiny metallic balls and rhinestones.
Jewelry by Joy.

Brunel was in my studio at the same time and wanted to get in on the fun.
She is wearing a Tonner outfit called "Impressionist Chic" and KD shoes. The Tonner fashions for Tyler fit the KD dolls fairly well. I pin the bust and torso to make them smaller. I lament not keeping many of the Tonner gowns I sold now that I see how beautiful my KD's look wearing them. I've been hunting bargains on these older fashions which are few and far between.
The different scale dolls look so strange together.  Elise looks terrified. I should have spent some time posing her better.

Here is Brunel showing off her great legs.


DeDe Denton by Tonner Doll

As we watch the peeling away of the layers of the Tonner Doll Company, I think it's a good time to take a look at what still remains.

Tonner is the only fashion doll company that has consistently put out a doll with a realistic female shape. Beginning with the introduction of Emme in 2002, there have been very few collections that did not contain a doll that we would previously have called "full-figured."  Full-figured is now the average American woman's figure IMO.

I found these old Emme catalog pages in the Tonner archives.

Emme is an actual person who is credited as having been the first plus size model at the end of the last century through the beginning of this one.  She is currently an advocate for body image reform and has twice been chosen for People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People.

She is much more beautiful than the doll showed.

The current full-size doll coming out of TDC is DeDe Denton whose back story is that she's the granddaughter of DeeAnna Denton, the chewing gum heiress. DeeAnna was from an earlier style era and her clothing was, for the most part, quite lovely.
DeeAnna Denton - "Parfum de Fleur" PFDF Exclusive
 DeDe was introduced at the TonnerCon 2015 "Guilty Pleasures" event.

This screen shot from Cherished Friend's website shows the entire line as it's currently available or will be eventually. Check out the great prices, too.

Here are the full images of each of the DeDe products.

While these gals may not be in my collection, I can appreciate their place in that of any other collector.  My favorites are Manhattan Blush and Producers Lunch. I'd like to see a lighter hand used with the eyeliner and lashes. It's a little too raccoonish for my taste.

It would be a real shame if Tonner were to stop producing moderately priced dolls like this, leaving a big black hole in the doll world.

Do you have or have you ever had any so-called plus-sized dolls? 


Joe Petrollese Leaving Tonner Doll Company

Another star of the Tonner Doll Company will shine elsewhere from now on. Joe is leaving to "take advantage of an incredible opportunity," according the the Facebook page of TDC.
Considering all that's taken place over the last few months with Tonner, I am not at all surprised. Who is next? There's not much left.

Joe has richly influenced both the company as well as our design aesthetic and his impact will carry us forward for many years to come.

He's young and talented and wherever he goes I am sure he will do well. He's always been a smiling personality at every event I've been to.

What will become of Evangeline? Miette? and the other characters whose stories he created? I think they will keep on going.